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We will deliver fresh ingredients that you can enjoy the season of Amakusa

Enjoy Amakusa seafood and seafood kaiseki cuisine using local ingredients.

Amakusa's lively seafood dishes create the taste of the fresh season with all your heart and soul.
At our hotel, we limit our reliable suppliers and only purchase high quality and fresh products.
Please experience the blessings of Amakusa, which is rich in freshness that you cannot taste anywhere else.

Meal list

Please enjoy it leisurely while gazing at the beautiful sea of Amakusa.
  • Dinner

    Start from 17:30 to 18:30
    1st floor hall((If you contact us, we will change to room meal for a fee.)

    Supper list

    • 6,000 yen dish
      Amakusa's exciting seafood dishes.
      We will create the fresh taste of the season with all our heart and soul.
      The home of live prawns is Amakusa Oyano.
      The Amakusa region of Kumamoto Prefecture is the first in Japan to engage in aquaculture, and it is a treasure that boasts one of the highest production in Japan.
      You can enjoy such Amakusa brand prawns on this course.
      If you come to Amakusa, please enjoy the pre-prepared prawns that you want to taste.
      It is recommended that you peel it off and eat it yourself, but you can also grill it with salt.
      *Subject to change depending on the season.(Sashimi is for 5 people.)
      • Amakusa brand! Cooking to taste prawns


        6600 yen((Tax included)
    • 7,000 yen dish
      Amakusa's exciting seafood dishes.
      We will create the fresh taste of the season with all our heart and soul.
      This is a course course you can enjoy the luxury of the next level with crabs.
      Amakusa's crab, which has been rubbed by the fast tide, is firm and you can enjoy the texture.
      Enjoy the fragrant, rich sweetness of migratory crab and the taste of the famous prawn.
      *Subject to change depending on the season.(Sashimi is for 5 people.)
      • A luxurious dish where you can enjoy migratory crabs


        7700 yen((Tax included)
    • 9,000 yen meal
      Amakusa's exciting seafood dishes.
      We will create the fresh taste of the season with all our heart and soul.
      This course is a gorgeous kaiseki meal that brings together the blessings of Amakusa, such as crabs, abalone and spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster.
      If you come to Amakusa, you will want to try it.
      It's delicious that makes me think "I'm glad I came to Amakusa."
      The head of spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster will be served in miso soup the next morning.
      *Subject to change depending on the season.(Sashimi is for 5 people.)
      • Exciting kaiseki cuisine! A dish to taste abalone and Japanese Spiny Lobster


        9900 yen((Tax included)
    • 10,000 yen dish
    • Special kaiseki cuisine exclusively for "Shinsen"
      Special kaiseki cuisine is available for guests staying at the remote "Shinsen".
      Luxury kaiseki cuisine of fresh seafood directly from the sea of Amakusa, such as Amakusa brand, prawns, spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster, abalone, crabs, and sea urchins. "Indigo Kaisei kaiseki cuisine"
      Enjoy the flavors of summer in the summer and winter in the winter.
      In addition, guests staying at "Shinsen" will be served breakfast as well as dinner.
      After check-in, it's your own space.
      Please spend a wonderful and rich time while surrounding a luxurious meal with Amakusa seafood.
      • Exclusive special kaiseki cuisine


        Start from 17:30 to 18:30


        Meal in Room((*We will prepare a separate dining venue for 5 people or more)
  • Information on bespoke dishes

    In order to enjoy Amakusa more, we accept additional orders for dishes.
    Prices may change depending on the season.
    Also, since it is from the sea, we may not be able to prepare it, so please contact us by phone or email for details.

    List of bespoke dishes

    • Japanese Spiny Lobster sashimi
      The spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster, which has received the blessings of Amakusa -nada, is the finest in its melting sweetness!
      The spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster, which was rarely caught in the rough seas of Amakusa,
      It has a crunchy texture and sweetness that makes your tongue melt.
      8,800 yen((Tax included)
    • Abalone sashimi
      Abalone, the king of gastronomy!
      The scent of the fragrant rocky shore and the overflowing umami! Please enjoy the finest taste.
      *Please call us for details.
      From 2,200 yen (tax included)
    • Prawn
      The tiger prawns, which are rarely caught in the rough seas of Amakusa -nada, have a crispy texture and a crispy texture.
      It has a sweetness that makes your tongue melt.
      From 660 JPY (incl. tax) per fish
    • Amakusa Daio Toban-Yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan)
      Japan's largest chicken "Amakusa Daiou", which became extinct in the early Showa period,
      It took 10 years to restore for the first time in half a century.
      The beauty of the great redness and the elastic texture,
      Please enjoy the rich and rich taste.
      1,980 yen((Tax included)
    • Amakusa octopus steak
      Octopuses that can be caught in Amakusa are popular for their firmness and deliciousness because they grow up in the fast currents heading for Hayasaki Seto between the Shimabara Peninsula and Amakusa Shimojima in Nagasaki Prefecture.
      Enjoy your meal.
      3,850 yen (tax included) ~
    • Special Amakusa Beef steak
      Amakusa Beef raised in the blessings of the earth.
      Amakusa Beef, please enjoy the deep taste that is suitable for the word "ultimate", where you can enjoy the meat color with outstanding redness and the sweetness and softness of trolley fat.
      3,300 JPY((Tax included)
    • Blue crab
      From Amakusa migratory crab with exquisite miso flavor.
      Please enjoy the fresh Amakusa delicacies.
      Market price
  • Breakfast

    A variety of side dishes for freshly cooked "fluffy rice".
    Delicious grilled fish in miso soup with a firm soup stock.
    The head of the board carefully and gently seasons the ingredients that are particular about local production every morning.
    It is a Japanese breakfast of Kaisei that makes you feel relieved.

    From 7:30 to 8:30((The end time will be 9:00)
    1st floor hall
    【Menu example】
    Japanese set meal((Vegetable salad / small bowl / natto / fish / pickles / miso soup etc.)
  • Children's set

    There is also a children's menu! It's a content that makes your child smile!
    There is also a "Children's Set" with sashimi and meat grilled on a ceramic plate.

    3,300 JPY((Tax included)/ /2,200 yen((Tax included)
    1,100 JPY((Tax included)
  • Kaiseki cuisine / kaiseki cuisine

    Information on special kaiseki cuisine

    • Kaiseki cuisine
      A variety of kaiseki cuisine that is perfect for festive occasions and lives on radiant milestones.
      It is rich in color and we will entertain you with various seasonal dishes.
      Please use it for face-to-face meetings, delivery, longevity celebrations, welcome and farewell parties, etc.
      *Since we are offering seasonal items at that time, the contents may differ from the photos.
      • Kaiseki cuisine list


        13,200 yen((Tax included)


        11,000 yen((Tax included)


        9,900 yen((Tax included)


        8,800 yen((Tax included)

        Autumn cherry blossoms

        7,700 yen((Tax included)

        lily of the valley

        6,600 yen((Tax included)
    • Kaiseki cuisine
      In order to enjoy your meal while talking about your memories in memory of the deceased, please enjoy the ritual dishes that have been carefully selected and made with seasonal ingredients.
      Please use it for memorial services such as mourning / 49th / 1st anniversary / 3rd anniversary / 7th anniversary / 13th anniversary.
      *Since we are offering seasonal items at that time, the contents may differ from the photos.
      • List of kaiseki cuisine


        9,900 yen((Tax included)


        8,800 yen((Tax included)


        7,700 yen((Tax included)


        6,600 yen((Tax included)