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The room

Relaxing guest room

All of Kaisei's guest rooms have an ocean view overlooking the blue sea!

From the window, you can see the indigo sea of Amakusa and the scenery of the islands that change with the seasons.
You can enjoy a relaxing time that is healed by nature.
Also, since it is a tatami mat, it is safe even with small children.
Please spend a relaxing time in front of the beautiful sea of Amakusa.

Room list

While enjoying the ocean of the indigo sea that spreads out below you, make a big letter on the tatami mat.
Please spend a relaxing time.
  • Japanese-style room 18 square meters

    A large panoramic ocean view that spreads out below you.
    Please enjoy the sea of Amakusa, which changes its expression every moment, from your room.
    All rooms are over 18 square meters, so you can use them spaciously.
    It is only in a tatami room that you can take off your shoes and lie down in a big letter.
    Please relax your body and soul.

    Room details

    5 people
    18 square meters
    Number of rooms
    15 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
  • Japanese + Western room

    It is a room of 18 square meters of tatami mats + 20 square meters of Western-style room.
    It is a Western-style room with a Japanese-style room and two beds, and there is also a space where you can drink tea.
    Again, the sea of Amakusa indigo spreads out below you.
    This room is popular with groups and families because it can be used spaciously.
    Please spend a wonderful holiday while enjoying the leisurely flowing time.

    Room details

    7 people
    Japanese-style room 18 square meters/ /Western-style room 20 square meters
    Number of rooms
    2 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
  • Two Japanese-style rooms in a row

    Japanese-style room 18 sqm + 15 sqm / Japanese-style room 36 sqm It is a room that can accommodate a large number of people.
    It is comfortable to use and is popular with groups and 3 generations of travelers.
    As it is a tatami mat, it is safe even with small children.
    You can also enjoy the expansive sea of Amakusa from your room.

    Room details

    9 people
    33 square meters/ /36 square meters
    Number of rooms
    33 square meters:2 rooms/ /36 square meters:1 room
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
  • Special room away"Shinsen"

    A maisonette-type special room where you can stay as if you were in a private villa. "Shinsen"
    When you enter the room through a quaint and exclusive approach, you will be greeted by a high ceiling.
    Equipped with a private dining room and Japanese-style room, we will create the finest private space.
    A pleasant sea breeze can be seen from the wide windows.
    Please spend a rich time in a space where you can feel the various colors of nature up close with each season.
    You can enjoy the private open-air bath in your room whenever you want.
    Please enjoy the luxury of relaxing in the view of the blue sea after the bath.

    Enjoy a luxurious space away from everyday life and a relaxing and relaxing time that is not disturbed by anyone.

    Room details

    7 people((We will prepare a separate dining venue for 5 people or more)
    Japanese-style room on the 1st floor:18 square meters/ /1st floor dining:11 square meters/ /2nd floor loft:9 square meters
    Bed types
    Double size bed:2 units
    Number of rooms
    3 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
    ・The guest rooms are equipped with an open-air hot spring bath.
    ・If you contact us, we will put a futon on the 1st floor.
  • Room in the South Building

    The guest rooms in the South Building have not been renewed, so they may be a little old.
    You can stay at a reasonable price.
    All rooms have ocean views and you can see the sunrise and sunset!
    You can use our Amakusa Hot Spring Facility for bathing.
    The thick spring quality has been well received!

    Room details

    Japanese-style room 11 square meters:3 people/ /Japanese-style room 15 square meters:4 people
    Japanese-style room:11 square meters/ /Japanese-style room:15 square meters
    Number of rooms
    Japanese-style room 11 square meters:9 rooms/ /Japanese-style room 15 square meters:2 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
    No toilet bath/ /There is a refrigerator
    *The washroom is communal.You can use the hot springs in the hot spring building.

List of guest room facilities

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms-rooms:29 Japanese-style rooms/ /Japanese + Western room 2 rooms/ /Other (remote) 3 rooms

Room supplement

3 separate rooms with private open-air bath

Standard room facilities

Wi-Fi is available throughout the building/ /All rooms have bath and toilet/ /Shower in all rooms/ /All rooms are air-conditioned/ /tv set/ /Empty refrigerator/ /phone/ /kettle/ /Tea set


Hand towel/ /Toothbrush / Toothpaste/ /bath towel/ /shampoo/ /rinse/ /Body soap/ /yukata/ /Hairdryer/ /Duvet/ /Shaving/ /Shower toilet/ /Cotton swab/ /Comb / Brush

Outline of facility

ground/ /Banquet Hall

Service & Leisure((Including arrangements)

Room service/ /Massage((For a charge)/ /Golf((For a charge)/ /fishing((For a charge)/ /Shogi((For a charge)/ /Go/ /mahjong((For a charge)/ /gym((For a charge)/ /ground((For a charge)

Locally available credit card

JCB / Visa / Master/ /UC / DC / NICOS / PayPay

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time