【Official】Hotel Matsuryuen Kaisei

A natural hot spring resort hotel where you can spend time in the rich nature of Amakusa.

A hot spring resort that opens your mind and body to the distance between the shining sun and the azure sea.
Located on a hill with a magnificent view, all rooms have ocean views.
Seafood dishes that use the seasons of Amakusa abundantly.
Make your skin smooth with the famous hot spring bath.
Surrounded by the blue sea, please enjoy a blissful time to soothe your heart.

About the new coronavirus

  • Dear customers

    Thank you for your continued patronage of this hotel.

    Regarding the spread of "new coronavirus" infection, the hotel has taken the following infection prevention measures so that customers can use it with peace of mind.
    We would like to ask our customers for their understanding and cooperation.

    For information on "new coronavirus", please check the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

    【A disinfectant solution is installed in the hotel facility.】
    Please use the disinfectant solution installed at the entrance.

    【Implementation of wiping and disinfecting common areas】
    We wipe and disinfect parts such as doorknobs and elevator buttons that are touched by an unspecified number of people with a disinfectant solution.

    【Employee wearing a mask】
    For employees, we thoroughly check the health at the start of work and thoroughly wash hands, gargle, and disinfect hands at the time of admission.
    Employees may also wear masks for your safety.

    【Customer's physical condition management】
    If you are not feeling well due to fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, etc.) during your stay at the hotel, please inform the staff.

Sports training camp is welcome!

  • Optimal environment and equipment for sports training camp!

    Kamiamakusa City, where Hotel Matsuryuen "Kaisei" is located, is surrounded by a variety of rich nature depending on the season, and the average annual temperature is about 17 ° C, which is suitable for sports training camps.
    Around Hotel Matsuryuen "Kaisei", there are plenty of sports facilities such as a ground, an athletics field, a baseball field, and a tennis court!
    It is the best environment for sports training camps for students, working people, companies, etc.
    In addition, the hotel will arrange various nice benefits that will liven up the training camp and barbecue that can also be used as a launch venue.
    Plenty of nature! After sports, you can swim in the sea, go fishing, and play on the rocky shore!
    We support a fun and memorable training camp.
    Please feel free to contact us first.
  • Furthermore, it is advantageous in a group (group) training camp!

    Kamiamakusa City has also set up a training camp invitation subsidy project to reduce the burden of activity costs.
    We subsidize training camp expenses for organizations that hold sports training camps.
    Subsidize 1,000 yen per person per night (up to 100,000 yen per training camp for each group)!
    In addition, there are plenty of great deals on sports facility usage fees!
    Why don't you take this opportunity to have a sports training camp in Kamiamakusa City?
    For details, please see the Kamiamakusa City website.
  • The nice benefits of Hotel Matsuryuen "Kaisei"

    ・Pick-up available
     We have one 37-seater vehicle and three 28-seater vehicles.
     ((*Please contact us for details)

    ・Lunch lunch can be arranged separately!
     Preparation of ice is also OK!
     We will prepare ice for free!
     ((*Lunch box price will be required separately)

    ・After sports, relax in the hot springs!
     After exercising, you can relax in the natural hot springs.

Accommodation Plans

  • Accommodation plan dishes

Hotel Facilities

  • Front desk

    We will welcome you with a smile!
    We look forward to seeing you all!
  • Lobby

    The ceiling-high atrium hall with marble is
    The tropical sun shines in and the atmosphere is open.
  • Cafe space

    The cafe space offers delicious freshly ground coffee.
    How about a nice tea time while looking at the sea?
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Matsuryuen Kaisei


6494 Kami, Oyano Town, Kami-amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Telephone number



・Kyushu Expressway, Matsubase IC, take National Route 266 Amakusa for 50 minutes.
・15 minutes by car from JR Misumi Station.
・25 minutes by bus.
・There is a pick-up service((There are conditions)
Go to the traffic access page

Information on special meal kaiseki cuisine

Looking for friendly card members!

  • It is a card that conveys gratitude to our customers.

    The friendly card is for customers who patronize our museum.
    In addition, it is a familiar card that deepens friendship and conveys our passion.

    【Advantageous benefits and precautions】
    Cardholders have great member discounts and services.
    *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and the day before public holidays
    When staying at the hotel, the basic accommodation fee and meal (cooking) fee will be discounted by 10% for both the person and his / her companion.
    It cannot be used for products planned by partner companies or special discount plan.
    Each customer introduced by a member will be served a bottle of sake or a soft drink.
    Please provide your membership number when making a reservation or introducing.
    Please present your card at the front desk to use it.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.